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      Thermal insulation coatings information - new intelligent cooling coatings

      2021-01-06 Hits:818
      Thermal insulation coatings information, new intelligent heat dissipation coatings, repim intelligent coatings supply, Foshan repem intelligent Coatings Co., Ltd. is located at No. 2, Shengjiang Road, Magang Industrial Zone, Foshan City. Since its establishment on December 16, 2009, it is mainly engaged in the production and sales of intelligent heat dissipation coatings. Under the leadership of the company, the company's performance has increased year by year and has a high influence in the coating industry. Bearing the historical mission entrusted by urban construction, repim intelligent Coatings Co., Ltd. adheres to innovation driven and transformation development, is committed to improving the core competitiveness of enterprises, unswervingly takes the road of sustainable development, and continues to play an important role in the development of China's building materials industry!
      The intelligent heat dissipation coating produced and sold by repim has a broad market and wide application. It is mainly used for painting, with excellent performance and long service life. It is favored and recognized by the majority of architectural decoration companies all over the country. Our company has a large number of water-based coating products with complete types and reliable quality, enjoying a high reputation and good reputation in Foshan City. After years of unremitting efforts, repim intelligent coatings RPM has obtained good market feedback by virtue of its own integrity and product quality.
      Thermal insulation coating information,
      Foshan ruipeimu Intelligent Coating Co., Ltd. is a domestic high-tech and intelligent coating manufacturer. With the change of ecological environment, the earth's surface temperature keeps warming. Energy saving, emission reduction, consumption reduction, environmental protection, low-carbon, heat insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation, fire prevention, waterproof, luminous and self-cleaning have become the focus of human attention. Foshan ruipeimu intelligent Coatings Co., Ltd. has invested a huge amount of funds as the research and development funds of intelligent coatings series products. In 2009, the intelligent thermal insulation coating was successfully developed, which can intelligently and automatically adjust the indoor temperature and humidity. The indoor temperature difference in summer can be reduced by 8-12 ℃ and in winter can be increased by 5-8 ℃. The products are widely used in national defense, aerospace, building exterior wall, steel structure, building roof, color steel tile, petrochemical storage tank, grain depot, cold storage and thermal insulation Water heater, oven, boiler, hot gas pipeline, industrial equipment, and places in harsh environment requiring heat insulation and energy saving. The world's high-tech coatings are invisible coatings. In addition, there is no doubt that the more high-tech coatings are intelligent coatings, which can be warm in winter and cool in summer.
      The company is mainly engaged in the production of paint related products, unremitting pursuit of product design, technology and compact structure, the company's intelligent cooling paint products are superior products, mainly wholesale; retail; sold to the national architectural decoration companies. In order to protect the interests of customers as the starting point of the service concept, the supply of products is generally by land transport; water transport for distribution, in order to bring convenient service for every customer.
      Foshan repim intelligent Coatings Co., Ltd. always adheres to the service tenet of "focusing on integrity and quality", takes "pursuit and never slacken" as the enterprise spirit, establishes the business philosophy of "customer-centered", and adheres to the development strategy of "internal management and external market". Repim intelligent Coatings Co., Ltd. is dedicated to creating excellent intelligent heat dissipation coatings for new and old customers and providing satisfactory service. The company warmly welcomes all walks of life to visit, investigate and negotiate business. Address: No.2, Shengjiang Road, Magang Industrial Zone, Foshan City. We are willing to work hand in hand with people from all walks of life to create a better future.
      Welcome new and old customers to Foshan repim intelligent Coatings Co., Ltd. to discuss cooperation. We have the price of thermal insulation coatings, export thermal insulation coatings, thermal insulation coatings information, thermal insulation coatings joining, good reputation of thermal insulation coatings and other information

      Contact person: manager Yang
      Tel: 18603087218
      Contact Q: 2224548686
      Email address: 2224548686@qq.com
      Address: No.2 Shengjiang Road, Magang Industrial Zone, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province
      Foshan repim Intelligent Coating Co., Ltd. specializes in intelligent oxygen bar, intelligent self-cleaning coating, transparent glass heat insulation coating, intelligent heat insulation coating, intelligent heat insulation waterproof coating, intelligent clear glass heat insulation coating, intelligent trace repair waterproof coating, intelligent energy storage luminous coating and other businesses. Interested customers please consult us, Tel: 18603087218 (the same number of wechat)

      Professional manufacturer of water paints & UV paints( heat insulation,waterproof,anti corrosion,mute,thermosensitive,luminescent ) for over 15 years in China.Application:Building coatings,Industrial Equipment Coatings,Construction and Decoration coatings.





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