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الفورم الخاص بالامم المتحدة

Sunday, 09.15.2013, 03:08pm (GMT)

UNHCR Rafha, Saudi Arabia




UN Case Number (if known)


Name of Principle Applicant


Date of Birth


Original City/Country of Birth


PA Mother’s Name


Date of Arrival to Rafha Camp


Last Action Date in Rafha before travelling for resettlement Country


Resettlement country after Rafha Camp


Family Size whom physically were in Rafha (in number)




Dependent Information



Dependent Name

Relation to PA

Year of Birth

City/Country of Birth




























-       Full Name of the Principal Applicant contains: first name, father’s name, grandfather’s name, 2nd grandfather’s name and Family/Surname name (all names from father/parental side).


-       It is important to identify clearly the PA name if a dependent was the one who is submitting the request in his/her name.


-       Relation to PA means: wife, son, daughter, brother, mother, father… etc  - the family members whom registered physically with the Principal Applicant.


-       Preferable to attach a copy of his/her Identification document (passport, ID …) and if there is an Iraqi document also would be good.


-       After filling the Form, the word document should be saved with PA’s name.


-       In the absence of any of the above, verifying the name in the Data Base will be difficult to find.

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